Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas-Birthday- New Year

As the 2009 year came to a close I was able to do something I have been thinking about and preparing for, for quite a while..... even though it was a little difficult to explain that I would not be going on a mission soon, or getting married. I was able to go to good ole' Twin Falls Idaho to recieve my endowment in the Temple there. It has been such a blessing in my life. I loved the temple before and now being able to return with a fresh new understanding has been remarkable!!!

I spent Christmas in Idaho and we had our 2nd Annual Parkview Christmas party with the whole family. The reason we have been doing it at the Rehab Center instead of Gma and Gpa Montgomery's is because Grandpa has been working through a couple hip sugeries over the last year and incidentally has been in the Hospital the past 2 Christmas'.

Almost all of us at Park View

Christmas was pretty low key this year and because my two older sister's families wouldn't be coming to my parent's house, my mom decided we should go to them... so we spent just a few hours in the car traveling to Jerome and Boise to see everyone!!!

Then in the midst of Christmas, my birthday and New Years, my roommates and I were moving!!! We spent most of last week moving and cleaning our old house. Luckily we are blessed to have amazing friends who would willingly come help us move (at least the big things like our couches and desks and beds) up to our now THIRD floor condo... We wondered what we had done but now that we are semi established in our new place we are really glad to be here. These pictures do not even show the maddness that really was the moving process... I felt like we could have been on a TV show like Hoarders, or Clean House :)

Birthday!!! Aub and I had a very schedueled day in order to make sure everything would be ready for the party we were having that night. We basically put together the kitchen and Front room to look like a normal house and threw everything else into our rooms and shut the doors!!! We invited a few friends had lots of food and for some reason this year I felt like resorting back to childhood and made people play pin the tail on the donkey, twister, and a silly "How well do you know Kristi" game that I made up! Mitch won and everyone decided the prize should be a kiss from me.... Then my sweet roommates gave me a new flat iron!!!

I was actually surprised by how well everything turned out and I was humbled to realize what a lucky girl I am to have so many amazing people in my life and what great friends I associate with. So ThAnKs again everyone for sharing such a fun day with me...

Last but certainly NOT least... New Year's!!! We had dinner with friends then went to a few parties and rang in the new year with sparkler's....

As for a New Year's resolution.. its hard to say, I start new goals throughout

the year so I don't really know...

I would like to do a little more traveling this year

and have a few more adventures than I was able to have last year being

in school again....

I'm just excited for a new beginging I have a good feeling

this will be a great year!!!