Wednesday, September 8, 2010

PatiEncE in LOoooNg suffering

I have been working on patience throughout the last year and I have a pretty firm understanding that Heavenly Father knows way more than I do and provides me with the things I need at the time that is best for me...
not when I beg and cry and think I want things to happen :) ha

I found myself in a very sad place about a year ago, yet I was trying to keep my chin up even though everyday I recieved another rejection from the hundreds of jobs I had applied to. So the combination of disappointment from life and love had really started getting to me.
I persevered and held on the the knowledge that I still had MANY blessings to be grateful for and amazing friends who were always a comfort.
Making it through the WINTER was tough but as Spring came around I was feeling better about things even though I still had no answers or direction to quiet my fears of not having a job!
In May, the opportunity to return to MediFit was heaven sent! I was so glad to at least have something that if nothing else would provided me a stepping stone to better things.

Even though I was grateful to have a job, there were still things about it that were not the most ideal. About 3 weeks ago I was starting to fear that winter would be coming in just a few short months and the commute around point of the mountain was really begining to make me uneasy about having to drive to work and home, late at night in storms and such.

Friday the 13th (of Aug) I went with my friend to her brother's house to watch their kids, and during small talk I told him where I was working and he mentioned that there might be an opening in his companies Fitness Center (which is is Provo!) He gave me some information and Monday morning I called just to see if I could get any more details. The lady told me to send in my resume, She interviewed me Thursday and by Monday the next week I received an Offer Letter from company headquarters offering me the position!!
It was an offer I could NOT refuse! If the only thing that was better about taking this position was that I would no longer have to commute it would have been enough...
yet, almost everything about this position is better and more than I could have asked for.

My official first day as a BaySport Employee was yesterday.
I was anxious to see how different this position would be in comparison to MediFit
But the first day wasn't so bad, I was kind of unsettled last night when I came home to know if this was really a good idea... just like any other change!
I liked it but I was still concerned.
I'm still learning how to do my jobs but today was a little easier
and I anticipate that soon I will LOVE IT!!!

Still when I think about how perfectly the whole scenario came about, it humbles me to realize how intricately placed Heavenly Father's hand is in the details of my life!