Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HoMe aGaiN... hOmE AgaIn

This past weekend I was finally able to make it back to the Promised Land (Rupert) in almost 5 months! Friday evening I rolled into town just in time to attend my cousin Karee's
bridal shower. She is getting married on FRIDAY! craziness! Its still strange to me to grow up and see everyone doing grown up
things when I still think we should all be little kids.
Saturday morning I helped my dad with a few things around the farm,
as we drove out to the field to pick up his truck my car decided she was done.
After some detective work my dad figured it was the fuel pump.
I couldn't help but thank my lucky stars that 'Daphne' didn't decide
to pull that trick while I was driving to work on a busy
Utah road or out on I-15 the day before!

I had Rodeo plans for Saturday night, and oh how it made my heart smile! There is just something about hometown rodeos.. Running into friends you haven't seen for years, the sites and smells from childhood, and of course fair food!!! I have discovered recently that sugar makes my belly none too happy which may be a blessing so I didn't eat anything too sweet but I did enjoy some yummy dinner: chicken pita style! The Rodeo was all that I wanted it to be and when they announced cowboys from UT, I almost felt like my two worlds were colliding. I love my small town roots and my heart will always be there, however, I love, love being in the city and especially in Orem...It really has become my home- away from home.

I figured I would have to call in absent to work on Monday morning and spend Monday getting my car fixed. But to my surprise when I got home from the Rodeo there sat Daphne in the front yard all better! My wonderful brother and my cousin who is a mechanic sacrified their evening to fixing my car for me! Thanks guys.. Life Savers!

Monday morning though when I was getting ready to head back to Utah and to work my car wouldn't start...again!!!! This time it was the battery so my dad jumped my car, we drove into town to buy a new battery... Needless to say I felt like I had to buy a whole new car over the weekend, But I'm still counting my blessings that all the problems happened while I was home and could easily be taken care of.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ei8ht Months Later....

I honestly do not understand where the time goes... Even in journal writing I have realized that weeks go buy before I realize that its been that long!!! Wowzers
Any whoodle-- just in recent updates, (I won't try to cover the last 8 months in one post)

After almost 18 months of being in the unemployed category. Well, I wasn't entirely unemployed... I still had a few hours a week at I'm Beautiful Salon & Boutique where I am slowly building my massage clientele. I really love working there with the girls and having all the opportunities that are provided to me from being part of their team!

Come visit me in Lehi on Fridays and Saturdays!!

Anyway, I heard hearsay of a position opening within the company I had done my internship with. Already having a foot in with the site I mentioned it to my friend and before I could even get around to emailing the Program Manager, He gave me a call! I still had to go through the interview process but after about 2 weeks he offered me the position and I accepted it!!

Its been a little over 2 months now that I have been working back with MediFit TM and I am so, so thankful to be there! It is still taking a few more months for me to start feeling like I am getting my feet back on the ground, and even though its a 45 minute commute one way I thank my Heavenly Father everyday that I at least
A-Have a job

2- It is in my field


C- Something I love to do!

Even though some days I've felt like all I do is work, I have gone on a few adventures this summer. Some hikes; one being the Narrows in Zion's National Park and we stayed in St. George for a few nights taking in the hotness!!! They had a heat advisory warning the day we decided to go on our hike... Thankfully we were in water and shade most of the hike making the heat fairly bearable.

I also went to my first ever Demolition Derby in the wonderful little town of Kamas, UT!!! It was a blast, being there made me feel like I was home in good ole' Rupe for an evening.

I went to the Manti Pageant for the first time at the end of June.

So many great things to experience during the summer in Utah and I hardly touched the surface of the fun...