Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We are in HAWAII :)

I know, I know... Let's not talk about how terribly behind I am in posting about our adventure to Hawaii :)
  My cousin and her husband are in the Army and have been stationed in HI -we feel really bad for them-  Needless to say; their current location and our need for a vacation provided the perfect scenario for all of us to get together!   

Oh how I love the culture of the islands, We were greeted in the air port with fresh flower leis and on Sunday the Relief Society Sister's welcomed us with more.

Analee and I may or may not have taken a billion pictures of ourselves in the car as we drove around the island for days.. this is just one of many :)   Our first excursion day (Monday) we started at Pearl Harbor, I am not much of a history buff but it is very fascinating to me the things that have taken place and shaped the country that we now live in.
Anchor from the U.S.S Arizona
Flag flying over the Memorial
We're kinda cute
This is because it was Valentine's Day and I was trying to be artsy.
 That wave washed the word away right after I snapped this picture so I was happy to have captured it.
Tueday's events included the Dole Plantation, where I became a pineapple.....
....and found me a local to love!  
"It's a DOLE life"
Then of course, another beach and some boogie boarding! Sadly, while we were out playing in the water the life guards called everyone to come to shore because an agressive acting shark was in the area....I am not as brave as Bethany Hammilton and I'd like to keep my arms.... and legs for that matter!
Wednesday: We hiked Diamond Head it was a tough climb but so beautiful! It overlooks Waikiki and you can see out over the ocean for miles!

The evening we spent at Hanauma Bay Oh my, how I love the beach!  They have you watch a snorkling instruction video just to enter to bay and then you are free to explore as much as you'd like!  
The water here is just gorgeous!

By recommendation, we ate dinner at DUKE'S that night. Of course being in Hawaii I had to try their Ono Fish.. the picture is a little dark but you can still get the idea.

Thursday:  Morning hike to Manoa Falls, the TV show LOST filmed a little in this location, so that was cool. The trail was beautiful and very tropical rain forrest feeling! There were warning signs about wild hogs and the locals warned us about being bitten by any of the bugs because some diseased bugs had escaped from the research center that was in the area :S haha luckily we survived the hike without any major injury.   

The Falls

And , you guessed it another day ended at the BEACH. 
Friday: We made our way around the Laie Temple grounds. I wish we would have had more time to actually go and do a session, I guess I will just have to do so next time I am there :)

Then a quick stop by the famous Hukilau Cafe!

and the rest of the day at the PCC!

We learned how to make fish from banana leaves, watched the canoe parade, attended a luau, watched 'HA breath of life'  and got tattoos :)

As we flew into the Boise airport, this is the scene that greeted us...
(if you can't tell its snow and stormy winter weather)

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