Monday, October 10, 2011

Thankful Heart

Just a quick note for the blessings I have in my life. 
I ventured through storm and UT construction Friday night to be with my family this past weekend.  Saturday October 8, 2011 on her Birthday.. miss Kyra, my niece, was baptized a memeber of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  She asked me to speak about baptism and I was glad for the opportunity to remind myself of those covenenats I made when I was a little girl and what a blessing its been in my life to be a member of Christ's church.  As we prepared for lunch afterwards we had a fun announcement too- the current baby of Michelle & Chris' family was wearing a "Big Sister" shirt!!! They will be welcoming baby #5 in May !!!  
Family time this weekend was really needed... I still get a little homesick when I haven't been home for a long while and it was getting to the point where I needed a good dose of my siblings and parents! I love playing phase 10 with my siblings! We all want to win so there is good competition and then we all have a hard time hiding our disappointment when our hand doesn't go well... It was just funny to watch how the emotional roller coaster of the game played out.  Time with them really lightened my burdens. Sunday I went to the home ward and they were having Fast and Testimony Meeting.  I really appreciated hearing from so many of the individuals who shaped me while in my youth.  I learned of some members who have passed on and to hear the testimonies of their loves really struck me, I strive to someday have a relationship like that.  I had a good discussion with my dad too and received some council so I can make choices for my future... gulp! I am a lucky girl to have my Dad! We understand things in a similar way and I love talking to him about things because he just gets me and can explain things so I can make sense of them. I really appreciate how he shows me what kind of person to be. I love his testimony and his faithfulness- He really is my hero!

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